Eating Disorder Awareness Week

22 02 2011

I apologize for the lack of recent posts. I’ve honestly had zero inspiration to write lately. This isn’t all bad…since I generally write about eating disorder topics that are giving me grief at the time, I think I should be excited that I haven’t had a lot to write about!! 🙂 But anyways, there are two purposes of this post: #1. To give you a bit of an update on my Bad Friend, and #2. To tell you about Eating Disorder Awareness Week!

So #1. I’ve been doing alright. Consistency is NOT my game at the moment, though, which can be quite frustrating; I honestly cannot predict if a day will be a “good” or “bad” eating disorder day. I’ve lost a teensy bit of weight…nothing terribly significant…but when my Doctor gets my weight report from the nurse here at school, I often get a phone call. I felt almost trapped for a time. I wanted to eat __________, but I felt too afraid to just go for it. I wanted to take a day off from working out, but eating became a challenge if I didn’t do something active. So I took a step and called my mentor. Could anyone explain to me why I didn’t do this earlier?!? It was definitely helpful to talk about the issues that were driving me crazy at that moment, and even MORE helpful to hear her give me a bit of advice and a huge amount of understanding without batting an eyelash.

Last time I spoke with my mentor, you know what she said to me? She said something like “You gotta keep working”, to which I replied “I’m trying!” And then the stinger: my dear mentor said, “You need to try harder.” Ouch. But those words (and the rest of the conversation) helped renew my passion to continue working towards recovery…working HARD. If you sit down and have a meal with me, it might not look like I’m trying that hard, but please believe me when I tell you I’m working! Offer me dessert, and doubts might be erased 😉 So that’s where I am at the moment!

And #2. This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I’ve been looking at tons of websites about eating disorder recovery, research and awareness over the past few days, and dang…I get so ticked off! And then I feel inspired to work hard and DO something about eating disorders. Granted, there’s not a lot I can do, but I can speak up, I can keep an eye out, and I can post!! There are a lot of Public Service Announcements out right now about awareness – here is one I like a lot.

As a note, I’m rethinking what I want this blog to be, so keep your eyes open for updates on changes! 🙂




4 responses

22 02 2011

“This is for all the beautiful girls…that someone told otherwise.” -Push

I’m glad you’re posting again.
Love you!

22 02 2011

Love that poem! Thanks, girlie 🙂 Love you too!

22 02 2011

“The perfection of my frailty has been questioned and broken”

As long as we’re posting lyrics, thought I’d throw some in 🙂 This song is called “Gunnin'” by Hedley, about a girl overcoming an eating disorder. Great song, interesting video. Worth a look, I think.

Still praying for you, Beth! Keep it up!

22 02 2011

Thanks so much, Paul! I will most definitely check it out 🙂

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